A【Sapporo Morning Tour】Shiroi Koibito Park and Central Wholesale Market Tour (Multilingual Audio Tour)

Operation Period
April 1, - November 30, 2020
Departure and Arrival Times
Dep 9:30, Arr13:35 (4 hours 5 min)
Adult 2,800yen Child 1,500yen

※This course is guided in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.
※Sightseeing guide will accompany, but will not explain the sights.Guidance is available through audio system.
*Includes admission to Shiroi Koibito Factory Course


Must see sights!

4-hour Shiroi Koibito Park、”Hokkaido Shrine” and Central Wholesale Market Bus Tour

Shiroi Koibito Park and Central Wholesale Market Tour

This bus is compatible with multilingual audio system in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, will take you to some of Sapporo’s famous highlights in a short amount of time.
See the Hokkaido Shrine, which is located in the western part of the central city. A deeply forested ground of the shrine and its front guard gate create a sacred atmosphere. We will proceed to the Shiroi Koibito Park, which will reopen in July, 2019. Inside the park is a chocolate theme park, where visitors can learn about the history of chocolate, view rare art collections, and view the Shiroi Koibito cookie production line. It is a fun activity for people of all ages. Participants on the Shiroi Koibito Factory Course will view the Chocotopia Factory (former chocolate factory 3F), and Chocotopia Market (former chocolate factory 4F). Enjoying the lasting impression on the smell of chocolate, we will move on to Sapporo central wholesale market where thousand people come to buy vegetable, meat, and fish as well as seafood. Enjoy your lunch at the atmospheric restaurant, where good local seafood is served. Your sightseeing trip ends at Sapporo Station bus terminal with a stopover at the Sapporo Clock Tower which is a symbol of Sapporo City. Take a trip with our double-decker bus and make best use of your getaway.

Hokkaido ShrineHokkaido Shrine
Central Wholesale MarketCentral Wholesale Market
Shiroi Koibito ParkShiroi Koibito Park
Hokkaido ShrineHokkaido Shrine
Central Wholesale MarketCentral Wholesale Market
Central Wholesale MarketCentral Wholesale Market

departures 9:30 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
Former Hokkaido Government Office Building
Odori Park
Former Sapporo Court of Appeals
Hokkaido Governor's Residence
Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art
  9:55~10:20 Hokkaido Shrine (visit) 【25 min】
  10:45~11:50 ①Shiroi Koibito Park (visit)【65 min】
  12:10~13:15 ②Sapporo Central Wholesale Market(shopping/lunch)【65 min】
arrivals 13:30 Sapporo Clock Tower
arrivals 13:35 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
①Admission to Shiroi Koibito Park Factory Course is included. The following tours are possible with the Shiroi Koibito Factory Course:
  • Chocotopia Factory (former chocolate factory 3F), Shiroi Koibito cookie production line, new baum kuchen production line, as well as an enormous and humorous diorama that explains how Shiroi Koibito cookies are made.
  • Chocotopia Market (former chocolate factory 4F)
②Self-pay meal for lunch at the central wholesale market. Show the bus ticket stub and enjoy the ¥1500(tax excluded) special menu at the restaurants listed below.
※The special menu iw limited, and may be sold-out or unavailable depending on the day.
※Member’s restaurant offering special menu (member’s store and service will be changed depending on the season)
  • Tairyo Sushi Wakakoma: Seafood set menus (hand-rolled sushi or bowl of rice topped with sashimi, cooked scallop, salad and soup)
  • Kitano Gourmet-tei: Manpuku C (Grilled fish set and crab soup)
  • Ume-e Dou: Chuo Bus Trio Donburi with sashimi and crab soup
  • Kikusui Restaurant: Arabesque greenling Set menu ( with sea urchin or salmon roe ) Manpuku local set menu.
  • Restaurant Nikkai “Chuo Don”
  • Yanshu Dining Kitano Ryoba “ Omakase Don”
  • Sushi Restaurant Kitano Shun “Chef’ s Choice Rice Balls”
  • Omohide Diner (Special Omohide Set)
  • Hamayaki Center Oyster Restaurant: (Salmon - Salmon Roe Donburi & Scallops grilled in butter)
  • Unagiya Shinobi (reasonable small size Unaju set)
※Show the bus ticket stub and get a 5%discount on items, and a 10% discount on other items at stores and restaurants below.Iwamoto, Kanedai, Kitano Ryoba No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, Hokkaido’s Specialty Food Sales, Nagamine Fisheries, Nikkai No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3, Nemuro Sugiyama Fisheries.
※We will distribute a 10% discount coupon for marine, agricultural and craft products, as well as meals, and a 5% discount coupon for snacks, that can be used at Kitano Ryoba Stores No, 1, 2 and 3 (excludes Chuo Bus original menu, drinks, alcohol, shipping costs, and ice cases).

Special Notes
  • This bus is customized for the multilingual audio system.(Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean)
  • Please be reminded that seat availability is limited to 40 passengers and no extra bus service is available
  • The regular mechanical checks will be made on 12/7・1/22・3/4~3/7. During the inspection, we will offer the charted sightseeing buses.
  • Duration of sightseeing will be changed due to the traffic and the number of passengers
  • Arrival time will be earlier than scheduled time due to holiday break or restriction condition of the facility.
  • Please allow enough time for transfer to the other modes of transport, because buses may be delayed due to traffic jams or adverse weather conditions.
  • Tours may be cancelled due to the snow disaster. Please contact us to reconfirm the operation in the event of abnormal weather.