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The Abashiri bus goes around the sightseeing spots of Abashiri and the drift ice town facing the Okhotsk Sea.
We recommend using the bus free passport to get around to Kushiro, Akan and Shiretoko.

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If you sightseeing the Okhotsk

Abashiri Bus Co.,Ltd.

15 Minami 2-jo Nishi 1-chome, Abashiri-shi, Hokkaido
Abashiri Bus Co.,Ltd.

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 Sapporo - Abashiri

8 recommended points
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Okhotsk Drift Ice Hall

■Okhotsk Drift Ice Hall
Year round real drift ice is available to touch and the sometimes called angel of drift ice "clione" is on exhibit. You can also enjoy the grandeur of the 360 degree view the peak of Tentozan has to offer where this is located, the tallest mountain in Abashiri, Hokkaido.
Visit Time: approximately 60 minutes.
Always open, Adults: 540 yen, discounts for children and groups available.

Abashiri Prison Museum

■Abashiri Prison Museum
We have relocated buildings that where built during the Meiji era. This is a preserved outdoor museum open to the public. We hope to revive the important roles played by the prisoners in Hokkaido's formation.
Visit Time: approximately 90 minutes.
Always open, Adults: 1,080 yen, discounts for children and groups available.
We also have displays and pamphlets available for Chinese speakers.

Indigenous Museum

■Indigenous Museum
This museum introduces the way of life of the minority tribes of the north, and has a corner that hopes to bring to life the Okhotsk culture that can only be found here. We can learn about the wisdom of the peoples who lived in these severely cold lands.
Closed Mondays, Adults: 500 yen, discount prices for children.

Flower Garden - Hana Tento

■Flower Garden - Hana Tento
Hana Tento is a flower garden with an area of 3.5 ha sloped filled with roughly 80,000 blooming rooted flowers. The best time to see it is between late August and early October where a variety of colors can be enjoyed, In a flower garden made beautiful by flowers such as the scarlet sage etc.
Lodge open from early June until October 31st (Current schedule)

Moyoro Kaizuka Museum

■Moyoro Kaizuka Museum
The ruins of Okhotsk ancient culture which originated near the Okhotsk Sea were discovered at the field on the left side of the mouth of Abashiri river. This Indigenous Okhotsk culture was different to Ainu, and was called Moyorojin, this area was named Moyoro Kaizuka (Midden). This museum reconstructs the midden exactly as it was discoved. It introduces their unique custom of burial and way of life.

Tofutsu Lake

■Tofutsu Lake
During the 9th Ramsar Convention United Nations Conference the Tofutsu Lake was registered under the Ramsar Convention. The Tofutsu Lake spreads out from the national highway to the Okhotsk coastline, making a fitting symbol of the Okhotsk. Around October, you can observe swans flying in to feed. From here the swans can be seen up-close.

Ryuuhyou Kankou Saihyousen (Drift Ice Sightseeing Cruise Ship), Aurora Gou

■Ryuuhyou Kankou Saihyousen (Drift Ice Sightseeing Cruise Ship), Aurora Gou
You can cruise the sea surrounded by drift ice on a 450 person capacity ship. You can see drift ice up-close, and the only place worldwide where you can experience the ship plowing through drift ice.
Adults: 3,300 yen, children and group discounts available. 5 cruises available a day.

Sangosou (glasswort)

■Sangosou (glasswort)
A dark red carpet covers the surface of the lake. This unforgettable, vivid view of Notoro Lake is created by glasswort. This beautiful sight can be seen from the Ubaranai area, south bank of the Notoro Lake situated in the west of Abashiri.


Abashiri Bus runs along the Abashiri Quasi-National Park that faces the Okhotsk famous for drift ice.
This area is rich with tourist attractions like the Okhotsk Drift Ice Museum, Abashiri Prison Museum, Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples, Moyoro Kaizuka Museum, Tofutsu Lake Waterfowl and Wetlands Center.
We help your return trip from Sapporo to Abashiri with our long distance bus services. Enjoy your Okhotsk travelling with Abashiri Bus.

Abashiri Bus Recommendation

★Inter-City Bus

Dreamint Okhotsk Gou Reservation Required
Reservation Consultation

 →Summer (Apr.-Nov.) Timetables here  →Winter (Dec.-Mar.) Timetables here

<Sapporo - Kitami, Bihoro, Memanbetsu, Abashiri>
Departing Sapporo8:00a.m.9:30a.m.11:30a.m.1:30p.m.2:30p.m.3:30p.m.4:30p.m.5:30p.m.6:30p.m.11:40p.m.
Arriving in Kitami0:30p.m.2:00p.m.4:30p.m.6:00p.m.7:00p.m.8:00p.m.9:00p.m.10:00p.m.11:00p.m.4:40a.m.
Arriving in Bihoro1:10p.m.2:40p.m.5:10p.m.6:40p.m.7:40p.m.8:40p.m.9:40p.m.10:40p.m.-5:20a.m.
Arriving in Memanbetsu1:30p.m.3:00p.m.5:30p.m.7:00p.m.8:00p.m.9:00p.m.10:00p.m.11:00p.m.-5:40a.m.
Arriving in Abashiri1:50p.m.3:20p.m.5:50p.m.7:20p.m.8:20p.m.9:20p.m.10:20p.m.11:20p.m.-6:00a.m.
※Overnight bus
※During December and March, Black text indicates arrival time being 20 minutes late,
orange text indicates 10 minutes early.
※Cannot be boarded from Kitami, Bihoro or Memanbetsu

Departing Abashiri-7:00a.m.8:00a.m.9:00a.m.10:00a.m.0:00p.m.2:00p.m.4:30p.m.6:00p.m.10:40p.m.
Departing Memanbetsu-7:20a.m.8:20a.m.9:20a.m.10:20a.m.0:20p.m.2:20p.m.4:50p.m.6:20p.m.10:55p.m.
Departing Bihoro-7:40a.m.8:40a.m.9:40a.m.10:40a.m.0:40p.m.2:40p.m.5:10p.m.6:40p.m.11:15p.m.
Departing Kitami7:20a.m.8:20a.m.9:20a.m.10:20a.m.11:20a.m.1:20p.m.3:20p.m.5:50p.m.7:20p.m.11:55p.m.
Arriving in Sapporo11:55a.m.0:55p.m.1:55p.m.2:55p.m.3:55p.m.6:25p.m.7:55p.m.10:25p.m.11:55p.m.6:00a.m.
※Overnight bus
※Cannot disembark at Memanbetsu, Bihoro or Kitami

FeesAdults(One-way)Student(One-way)4 trip ticket
Sapporo-Kitami5,440yen4,920yen19,520yen(Single trip price 4,880yen)
Sapporo-Bihoro5,870yen5,240yen20,980yen(Single trip price 5,245yen)
Sapporo-Memanbetsu6,180yen5,550yen22,100yen(Single trip price 5,525yen)
Sapporo-Abashiri6,510yen5,870yen23,160yen(Single trip price 5,790yen)

★Airport bus

Connected to planes arriving at Memanbetsu Airport.
Timetables here

★Shiretoko Airport Liner

Airport Direct (non-reserved)
(service only during the busy season)
→ Timetables, fees here
  June 8 - October 14, 2019 January 18 - March 8, 2020

Memanbetsu Airport - Abashiri Station - Abashiro Bus Terminal - Cruise Boarding Point for Ryuuhyou Kankou Saihyousen, Drift Ice Sightseeing Cruise Ship, (Abashiri Roadside Station) - Entrance of Swan Park - Shari Bus Terminal - Utoro・Shirietoku Roadside Station - Utoro Onsen Bus Terminal - Hotels*

*hotels on the route
Hotel Shiretoko - Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel - Shiretoko Prince Hotel Kazanamiki - Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi

★A Tour of the Tourist Facilities!

A bus taking you around the places to see in Abashiri!
→ Timetables, fees here
  April 1 - October 14, 2019 October 15, 2019 - January 19, 2020 January 20- March 31, 2020

Abashiri Bus Terminal - Moyoro Entrance - Abashiri Station - Abashiri Prison Museum - Tentozan (Okhotsk Drift Ice Hall) - Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples - Hana Tento*
*visiting Hana Tento only between 1 July and 13 October.

Tourist spots accessible by regular bus

●Moyoro Kaizuka Museum
Take "kankou shisetsu meguri" bus from bus stop 3. Get off at Moyoro Iriguchi (Moyoro Entrance) 【2】.
●Abashiri Prison Museum (The prison museum was the model of Ken Takakura's famous film "Abashiri Bangaichi".)
Get on "kankou shisetsu meguri bus" from bus stop 3 at Abashiri Bus Terminal or bus stop 2 at Abashiri Station, and get off at Abashiri Prison Museum 【4】.
●Okhotsk Drift Ice Hall
Get on "kankou shisetsu meguri bus" from bus stop 3 at Abashiri Bus Terminal or bus stop 2 at Abashiri Station, and get off at Tentozan 【5】.
●Indigenous Museum
Get on "kankou shisetsu meguri bus" from bus stop 3 at Abashiri Bus Terminal or bus stop 2 at Abashiri Station, and get off at Indigenous Museum 【6】.
●Flower Garden - Hana Tento
Get on "kankou shisetsu meguri bus" from bus stop 3 at Abashiri Bus Terminal or bus stop 2 at Abashiri Station, and get off at Hana Tento 【7】.
Abashiri Folk Museum
Get on any buses which are not headed to Abashiri Bus Terminal, and get off at Higashi 3 Chome 【2】 and walk 5 minutes.

●Sangosou (glasswort)
Get on "Tokoro-sen" or "Saromako Sakaeura-sen" at bus stop 2 at Abashiri Station and get off at the entrance of Sangosou .
●Tofutsu Lake Hakucho Kouen (Swan Park)
Get on "Koshimizu-sen" or "Shari-sen" from bus stop 5 at Abashiri Bus Terminal or bus stop 2 at Abashiri Station, and get off at Hakucho Koen Iriguchi (Swan Park Entrance) and walk 5 minutes.

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→ Bus stop map, here.

To go to famous tourist spots and cities from Abashiri Station

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・To Sapporo (Abashiri Bus, Kitami Bus)
・To Utoro (Abashiri Bus)
・To Bihoro (Abashiri Bus)
・To Shari, Kushiro (JR Senmou line)
・To Kitami, Asahikawa (JR Sekihoku line)
・To Notoro Lake (Abashiri Bus)
・To Saroma Lake (Abashiri Bus)
・To Memanbetsu airport (Abashiri Bus)

Abashiri Bus

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